Wendy Berg

Investment and Real Estate Acquisitions, Consultant

Wendy Berg, a seasoned sales specialist, is Director of Business Development of Foster Design Build and our in-house real estate broker from @properties.

Offering a range of multi-faceted skill sets, a diversified resume, entrepreneurial spirit, and 15 years of sales experience, Wendy is equipped with the essential variables to play a key role in new business enterprises and pioneer Foster Design Build’s success in the construction management industry.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Kansas, Wendy began her career in the corporate wellness and health industry at the Amoco Corporation, where she marketed and managed 15 wellness programs covering 8,500 employees in eight states. Following this, Wendy joined forces with iExplore, an organization recognized as a principal online resource for adventure and world travel. Wendy’s position as an Australian travel specialist eventually led her to several successful years in the transportation industry. During her decade-long tenure as National Account Manager at The Bus Bank, a leading North American group of charter events experts, Wendy excelled at coordinating transportation logistic plans for large-scale events and conventions with up to 25,000 people, managing multiple national accounts, providing development assistance for thousands, and channeling long-lasting client relationships. As a true testament to her success, Wendy was recognized as the company’s first “Employee of the Year,” was appointed to the "Million Dollar Club," and won the "Stratosphere Award," as the first to reach both one million dollars in sales and three million dollars in sales within the company.

After years of witnessing her husband, President of Foster Design Build, Bob Berg, run his construction management company, Wendy has developed a tremendous knowledge and familiarity of the design build and real estate industry and will now transfer her business expertise to Foster Design Build as Director of Business Development and in-house real estate agent from @properties. She is responsible for spearheading and implementing client and sales expansion strategies that will penetrate new markets and expand the firm’s database. Having an in-house real estate agent makes FDB even more of a one-stop shop for their clients. Helping them easily find land or renovation properties is the key component to getting our clients started.

Her tenacious work ethic and devotion to the sales industry, and specialty skills in customer service comprise the techniques and traits essential for this role. Wendy resides in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood with her husband and son.