Devin Moeser

Assistant Project Manager

Devin is thrilled to be a integral part of the FDB Project Management Team. Prior to coming on board, he worked in the Chicago construction industry in renovations and additions. He grew up in the industry and was wearing a tool belt while still in diapers. A family glazing business is in its third generation on his mothers side and his parents continue to flip houses in the west suburbs. In a past life Devin worked in the restaurant industry as an owner operator as well as a consulting partner for expansion and business development. With a background steeped in logistics and customer service it is his goal to make sure there is an extremely high level of client satisfaction on all his projects.

When not on site Devin is over in Bucktown working on motorcycles that hardly run, doing some (opposite of fine) woodworking, or on a constant search for the best tacos in the city. If you cant find him in Chicago he is out in the suburbs spending time with his nieces and nephews, doing some vegetable gardening in Naperville, or shooting clays with his Dad and Brother.